Bennett Kireker, New York Wine Club

Bennett Kireker, New York Wine Club

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In November 2013, Bennett Kireker founded and began operating a quarterly wine club in New York. The club has since grown to over 50 members. At each event, Bennett presents a noteworthy varietal or type of wine from one region of the world before club members. The members then blind-taste the six wines that were researched and sourced by Bennett from that region.

Afterwards, club members get to examine tasting notes Bennett has pulled about each wine. This is less about being an expert and getting all the notes correct—this is not the goal of Bennett Kireker and his wine club. Rather, this is to encourage discussion among members, about similar or likeable characteristics they’ve identified for each wine.

At the end of each event, the actual wines are revealed and made available for purchase. Bennett’s recent events have focused on Austrian grüners, Southern Rhone GSM’s, White Sancerre’s, Napa Bordeaux blends, and Oregon pinot noirs.

Austrian Grüner

The grüner veltliner is a grape variety mostly grown in Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. When made into wine, the result is a dry but crisp and aromatic white wine that is best paired with dishes infused with spices and herbs. In fact, many restaurants and establishments carry Austrian grüners precisely for this reason. As a food-friendly wine, the Austrian grüner is affordable and flexible, holding up well for a variety of dishes, from meat to vegetables.

Southern Rhône GSM

Rhône wines are famous for being earthy with hints of spice. GSM is an abbreviation for Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre, which are grape varieties grown across the region. When all three are blended together, they are categorized as GSM blends. These grape varieties don’t always have to go together however. There are other grape varieties in Southern Rhône such as Carignan or Cinsaut. When it comes to red wine, Southern Rhône GSM blends are fast becoming popular around the world for their quality and affordable price.

Napa Bordeaux Blend

One of the most famous wine blends in the world, Bordeaux blends primarily consist of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc for the red, and Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon for the white. Adopting the name Bordeaux is seen as a sign of respect to the French who first created these blends. However, the word Napa means that these grapes were grown and produced in California, Napa Valley to be exact. Napa Bordeaux blends can fetch anywhere from a few dollars up to a couple of hundred, but even wines at the lower tier taste exceptionally well.

Oregon Pinot Noir

Another excellent wine with quite the unique taste, the Oregon Pinot Noir is not as fruity as the red wines of California. On the contrary, the Oregon Pinot Noir is as earthy as the wines in Burgundy, France, with strong flavors of cranberry, cherry, and plum. For those who are looking for a “adventurous” flavor, the Oregon Pinot Noir accomplishes just that with its complex and highly nuanced taste profile.

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