Bennett Kireker and His New York Favorites: Restaurants

Bennett Kireker and His New York Favorites: Restaurants

Learn more about New York from Bennett Kireker. His New York wine club here isn’t the only thing that keeps him coming back. Find out his favorite restaurants and establishments in The Big Apple on this page.

What is New York best known for? As the city that never sleeps; a place known for delicious pizza and pastrami, famous personalities like Donald Trump to Jay-Z, the greatest city in the world is also a haven for cheap eats. If you’re in town and looking to try the local’s best-kept secrets for food, here’s a nifty guide to keep in your pocket.

East Village

East Village seems like an expensive neighborhood because of the stylish and hipster locals, but it’s also home to some serious cheap eats! If you’re craving for pizza, head down to Artichoke Basille’s for a slice of, of course, artichoke pizza. Creamy and buttery with a strong artichoke flavor, a slice of this is enough to keep locals patient while in line. You read that right; it’s so good we don’t mind lining up even until the wee hours of the morning.

For late night drinks, Caracas Arepa Bar is always a satisfying choice. If you were wondering what arepas are, they’re NYC’s Venezuelan/Colombian take on the humble sandwich. You can practically stuff anything in it, from greens to meat.


When I’m in the neighborhood, I always drop by Tia Pol. It’s a tapas place so I never get bored with my orders as the servings are small. I usually get the lamb skewers, as these go well with wine. For the more adventurous foodie, I recommend their squid, which is served with rice and lots of ink.


Where do I start? It’s hard to pin down Chinatown’s cheap eats on one or two restaurants alone. There are so many worth visiting and worth mentioning on this page. For starters, I highly recommend going to Mei Li Wah Bakery for their legendary steamed buns. Soft, meaty, and always served hot, these buns will have you ordering more for take-out as you devour them.

If you’re looking for variety in one place, Xi’an Famous Foods offers hand-pulled noodles and burgers Asian-style. I’ve tried their dumplings as well which are pretty decent for the price.


How about happy hour and a history lesson at the same time? In Soho, you’ll find the oldest bar in New York City—The Ear Inn. Next year, the bar is going to be two centuries old so I expect a grand celebration already in the works! The James Brown House serves lamb burgers, crab and shrimp cakes, mussels, Cobb salad, and more. If you want to see the real New York, The Ear Inn will be a good place to people-watch. As a wine enthusiast, I particularly enjoy looking at the bar’s old advertisements of extinct beers.

For more about New York, stay tuned to this page for updates by Bennett Kireker. His New York wine club keeps him busy, but he promises to post more things to do and restaurants to visit at the Big Apple.