Bennett Kireker: New York International Wine Competition News

The 7th annual New York International Wine Competition kicked off last month. Wine producers are strongly encouraged, like wine club owner Bennett Kireker, to join this prestigious contest. Unlike other wine competitions, the New York International Wine Competition is the first of its kind to be headed by a panel of trade only judges. This means wine producers are given an opportunity to improve their bottom lines as the trade judges can heavily influence buying decisions. In other words, wine producers may not only walk away with a medal for their wines but also, actual sales and support for their livelihoods.

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Participating in this event is one of the best ways wine producers can gain meaningful exposure for their craft. This view is shared by many industry experts and enthusiasts like Bennett Kireker. The New York International Wine Competition gathered more than 1,200 submissions last year from over 25 countries across 50 categories. Given such scale, being crowned the winner is, no doubt, a huge badge of honor that wine producers can proudly show off and mention in their wine’s marketing materials.

Last year’s competition saw three wines winning the coveted Double Gold Medal. These are the Muscat wines from Gallo Family Vineyards Moscato NV and The Naked Grape Moscato NV, and the California Pinot Noir from Three Thieves Pinot Noir 2014. Bennett J. Kireker hopes to review these lovely wines soon at his local wine club in New York. The Muscat wines are lusciously sweet, best served chilled, and can be paired with any meal. They’re also light and easy to drink, which will delight even non-wine drinkers.

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As wine enthusiasts await the announcement of winners for this year’s New York International Wine Competition, Bennett Kireker would like to give a toast to all the individuals who made this event happen – the wine producers, sommeliers, retail store buyers, distributors, and importers.