Bennett Kireker: Join A Wine Club

There are many benefits to joining a wine club. For instance, one will never have to worry about replenishing his/her supply of wines. Members also get the opportunity to taste wines that they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to. Wine club owner Bennett Kireker, on his part, finds fulfillment in teaching members about wines and helping them discover more about their wine preferences. It’s a tough job – sourcing, researching, and preparing for the night itself – but wine club owners wouldn’t have it any other way. Just ask Bennett Kireker. His New York wine club has become an indispensable resource for many wine enthusiasts.

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Joining a wine club is a bit like drinking many varieties of wine – one should submit him/herself to the processes of trial and error to find the perfect match. In other words, the best way to find a club is to jump right in and leave one’s worries at home. Contrary to popular belief, wine clubs are rarely snobbish events that will make any introvert wish he/she just stayed at home. Wine club members are only too happy to share what they know about wine and their preferences. Thus, budding wine drinkers should look at wine tasting events as a chance to take time on a night out and just relax and enjoy themselves. It doesn’t have to be a means of keeping up to speed with the experts, though they could be.

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Bennett J. Kireker finds that learning never stops in a wine club, especially since preference is a fluid thing. With so many wines and grape varieties, getting a taste of a dozen or so bottles in one night isn’t a bad proposition at all, and one that wine hobbyists should seriously consider.

Find a wine club today and open up to a whole new world of taste!