About Bennett Kireker and His New York Wine Club

About Bennett Kireker and His New York Wine Club

This is the bio page of Bennett Kireker. For his New York wine club, please visit the Wine page.

Bennett Kireker grew up in Vermont. Having been exposed to the forests and natural wonders there, Bennett nurtured a fondness for skiing which he finds time for to this day despite the demanding schedule of his wine club in New York. His wine tasting club is currently composed of 50 members. As wine tasting becomes more popular across the country, Bennett anticipates an even bigger membership which he would only be too delighted to welcome at his wine club.

Apart from skiing in Vermont, Bennett Kireker also heads west at times to Colorado, or to Whistler, Canada. There he gets to do two things he loves most at the same time—skiing and traveling. Though he is always busy managing his wine club and also thinking of new ways on how to grow it, he has made traveling a huge part of his lifestyle.

His other favorite places to go to also include Florida—where he usually spends Christmas with his family. Bennett also loves going to the Adirondack Mountains of New York, with special mention to the placid waters of Lake George. Every 4th of July, he spends time boating and bonding with his family out on the lake. As a man of many interests, he is always up for an adventure and experiencing new things.

Icons and Role Models

Every person has a role model or inspiring figure they look up to. For Bennett Kireker, they are none other than Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, and Andre Agassi. Even at first glance, it’s not hard to see why these names come to mind first for Bennett Kireker. These men are hardworking leaders who have achieved immense success in their own respective fields.

For Bennett Kireker, Michael Jordan’s legacy in basketball highlighted the importance of hard work. Jordan exemplified the value of being a leader on the court by training like a champion. Bennett finds application for this at his wine club, where anything can happen among its 50 members. As the wine expert who leads them, he takes his job of educating and sharing his passion for wine seriously.

Favorite Sports Teams

Aside from traveling and managing his wine club, Bennett Kireker is also an avid sports fan. In particular, he supports the New England Patriots. He is also a fan of the NBA. His favorite teams are the LA Clippers and Boston Celtics.

With sports, Bennett Kireker enjoys the sense of community amongst fans, cheering and supporting the same team. It’s a scenario not unlike what he experiences at his wine club. There, he is reminded that he and the members are tied together over one common factor—their love for wines.

Whenever his schedule permits it, Bennett Kireker plays basketball in NYC. He organized the team which is now part of the NYC Basketball League. Up until his team decided to switch leagues, they were part of the NY Urban Professionals. He plays point guard or shooting guard.