Bennett Kireker: New York Wine Enthusiast

Bennett Kireker: New York Wine Enthusiast

How much do you know your wine? If you’re an average Joe who enjoys a glass or two of red wine to go with your dinner steak, then probably not much; at least not as vast as the knowledge of Bennett Kireker. His New York wine club has become sort of a haven and place of learning for wine enthusiasts in the area. There, members not only get a taste of different regional wines, but they also walk away with a fount of knowledge they can use as conversation starters.

Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing elitist about wines. For one, the mere fact that wines have been consumed during celebrations and paired with home-cooked dishes for generations now just goes to show that anyone can learn to appreciate the technical and finer aspects of this widely loved drink. This is a view expressed by Bennett Kireker which he shares with his friends and colleagues at his local New York wine club. Passionate about wines and their rich history; he has become an important figure in the growing popularity of wine-tasting in New York.

Bennett Kireker: New York Wine Club

These days, it would seem that private clubs have gone out of fashion. Gone are the days when everyday people searched for like-minded people or people who shared the same hobbies for the purposes of forming a club where they can enjoy conversing and sharing knowledge with others. For Bennett Kireker, however, it didn’t matter whether private clubs and groups were still in vogue or not. He believed his passion for excellent wine was all that was needed to form a club in his local New York. With a 50-strong membership at the moment, the New York wine club has a lot to be proud about in its wine offerings and the knowledge it generously shares to members.

For one, the wine club introduces the idea that anyone can learn how to judge the quality of wine. As mentioned earlier, getting to know wines—as if they were old friends we grew up with—simply entail interest and enthusiasm from the part of the person hoping to be more educated about it. It is not complex as one might think and it certainly does not require one to have a superior sense of taste or smell.

Bennett Kireker, New York Native and Philanthropist

Apart from managing the day to day demands of the wine club, Bennett Kireker is also a philanthropist who finds ways to give back to the community. In particular, he generously shares his time and money to Operation: Heal Our Heroes, a charity catering to military veterans. Heal Our Heroes provides these good men and women a strong support system, notably to heal the physiological and psychological issues they experience once they resume a “normal” life. Bennett Kireker supports Heal Our Heroes’ annual fund-raising events to support these veterans’ access to quality mental and medical healthcare.

For more about Bennett Kireker and his passion for wine, we encourage you to browse the pages of this website.